The Best Wedding Planning Apps for Android


Our Wedding Planner-Still The Best Wedding App-Review

When planning for a wedding, it is important that you choose an app that is easy to use, convenient and effective. It should enable you implement several tasks with much ease and comfort. Here is a review of the best wedding planning app for Android. It is called Our Wedding Planner. Find out about it.
To begin with, this superlative app was created by Wepala. It is available for free and you can download it on your Android phone. This makes it affordable to all.
Our wedding planner is an incredible app that any bride or bridegroom will want to use. It comes with amazing features and excellent functionality that makes it the best wedding planning app for Android.
Its home screen features four mini-apps namely; Vendor directory, To -Do List, Guest List and Budget. The To-Do List has numerous preset items that are to be implemented in their respective categories.
The Guest List gives you the opportunity to make invitations of your guests or simply add them. In addition, it allows you to update their status accordingly such as RSVP Received, Invite Sent and Will Be Attending.
Furthermore, this extraordinary app gives you the option to add contact information as well as a table label. To add on, it includes the budget section which helps you to make appropriate allocations for your budget. This can be classified into different categories such as entertainment, food, drinks, flowers, clothing, cake and many more. This helps to check on your spending so that you do not go beyond what was planned. It is usually in form of a pie-chart.
Our wedding planner has received about 3,368 customer reviews. Most of them are positive which clearly tells you that most customers are satisfied by the way it works.
It is 6.4MB in size. So far, it has registered an overwhelming number of downloads totaling to 1,000,000 by January 10, 2016.
In conclusion, if your have been looking for the best wedding planning app for Android, Our Wedding Planner is your perfect choice. Download it today and install in your Android phone. It is absolutely free!