5 Easy Ways To Send Gifts From Your Phone Using Apps


REVEALED: 5 Easy Ways To Send Gifts From Your Phone Using Apps

They say that gifts keep friendship warm. It feels good to send a gift to your loved one. This may be on occasions such as wedding day, Valentine day or during an individual’s birthday. But did you know that you can now send gifts from your phone using apps? It is fast, easy and reliable. Have a look.

Giftly– This incredible app has the exceptional ability to change anything into a gift. For instance, you can gift out an amazing party to your friend or supper at a top restaurant. The beautiful thing about giftly is that it doesn’t work directly with merchants. For this reason, the possibilities of gifts are just endless. This makes it your perfect choice.

Tango Card- This interesting app enables you to gift a particular amount and then the tango takes care of the remaining part. The receiver may choose to redeem in his preferred way. The recipient will also receive a reminder to use every cent of his gift card so that nothing is wasted.

Gyft– This wonderful app enables you to upload and organize your personal gifts. In addition, it allows you to buy and send gifts to your friends, relatives and loved ones or even a present for mothers day! Furthermore, gyft stores all your gift information. This enables you to use your gift anywhere any time you want. It is so convenient to use and this makes it your perfect choice. They often have special promotions for the current holiday!

Facebook Gifts- It is an exceptional app which makes sending gifts from your phone much easier because it can sync with your facebook notifications as well as events. You can send a gift by simply going to your friend’s timeline, select it and then send. He will then enter his shipping address plus gift specifications so that you can send him a gift that correctly fits him. It is just as simple as that.
Treater- The app focuses on small gifts which you can send to your friend even if there are no special occasions. It is the best for treating your loyal friends e.g. with a cup of tea.

In conclusion, these are the easy ways you can send gifts to your friends from your phone. They are also fast and less costly. You need to try using them.